Prayers for the Sick of the Parish

Please remember the souls of all the faithful departed: Janelle Huffman, Naudia Negrette, Victor Mouleart and Jerry DeFabiis.

Please pray for the sick of Sts. Simon & Jude Church or who are relatives or friends of parishioners of Sts. Simon & Jude Church.  Keep these and all the Intentions of our parish in your prayers:

A Prayer of Blessing for the Sick

Lord, our God,
who watch over your creatures with unfailing care,
keep us in the safe embrace of your love.
Minister to those who are ill and heal their illnesses,
so that in the sure knowledge of your goodness
they will gratefully bless your holy name.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Intentions of Candle Users
Kim Allen
Haven Anderson
Rebecca Andrusiak
Rick Applegate
Oscar Bracamonte
Paul Baum
Rodrigo Castro
Denise Chase
Bill Cobbett
Sylvia Cobbett
Dana Cormie
Francis Cox
Donald Davis
Dorothy & Stephen Davis
Tim Deits
Dorothy Dorizeff
Tercio Drummond
Rosemary Dzida
Tina Everly
Cindy Fields
Luis Franco
Elaine Frengel
Jim Frengel
Daryl Fullbright & Family
Sylvia Gomez
Raul Gonzales
Nancy Gray
Douglas Guentert
Andy Hassay

Thomas Heckt
Lindsay Heuer
John Hosier
Mia Hughes
Grace Huxtable
Barbara Jennings
Jerry Julum
Sue LaGro
Jacob Lesinski
Carrie Liebentritt
Jack Mahan
Helene Martin
Dennis Martin
Sandy Mauro
Pamela McFarlane
Natalie McGann
Joe Mendoza
Gil Michalek
Carol Miranda
Fr. Christian Mondor
Mrs. Chris Moore
Fae Moore
Gustavo Morales
Ben Murphy
Janet Nareshni
Tom Nasser
Linda Nelson
Bichle Nguyen
Leticia Osteler
Catriona Quirke
John Palinkas
Maria Engracia Perez

Kim Phandl
Martin Phandl
Paul Phandl
Rich Purdy
Melanie Ramos
Carrie Reyes
Matthew Rising
Tara Rodriguez
Ron Ross
Maya Rubio
Mary Sanchez
Baby Emmalyn Santorelli
Mark Sawyer
Carol Schmeing
Scott Seymour
Nettie Sherman’s Sister
Alison Sicking
Octavio Silva
Diana Smith
Joe Soto
Sam Spampinato
Paul Steinman
Dr. Charles Steinman
John and Mary Ann Sylvester
Matthew Szymanski
Mike Tano
Bernard Tessmar
Van Dinh Tho
Romeo Tolentino
Marco Ulloa
Ray & Rose Viterno
Tommy Wiebold