Historical Stories - 1940s

Cardinal_McIntyreOn December 7, 1941, another more monumental catastrophe occurred.  The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on the Island of Oahu in Hawaii, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt immediately issued a Declaration of War.  The war with Japan and the increasing involvement of the United States in the war in Europe escalated into WWII.  No doubt many of the eligible parishioners in the parish either enlisted or were drafted to serve their country. 

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles provided support with the sale of War Bonds through its parishes and schools and through the “Bishops Emergency Relief Fund.”  Locally, the Army set up a campsite at Lake Park and a submarine observation post at the end of Huntington Beach Pier.  “Artillery Bunkers” were built into the bluffs at the Bolsa Chica Reserve to ward off an enemy attack of the coast.

On March 19, 1948, Archbishop James Francis McIntyre of New York was installed as the second Archbishop of Los Angeles and was elevated to Cardinal by Pope Pius the XII on January 12, 1953.

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