Historical Stories 1966 - Parish Council Assists with Purchase & Development of New Facilities

This photo of the Parish Council in 1966 identifies the individuals assembled by Fr. Colman to assist with decisions regarding the purchase and development of the new parish facilities.

Front row seated left to right:
Lucille Allaire, Andrew Holtz, and Zoe Ralph
Back row standing left to right:
Lucille Foster, Fr. Colman, Alex Parquet,
Warren Hall, Bob Lambert and Bob Calentino

On April 28, 1966, Fr. Colman was in the process of writing to Rev. Manning regarding the construction of a permanent Parish Hall with the construction of the new school when he received an interesting call from a bank in Los Angeles. 

“I was just interrupted by a call from a bank in Los Angeles, inviting us to bring a big van to the bank this Saturday and take away (gratis) 16 office desks, tables, counters, chairs, lounges, etc.  Nice!  But, not money.”

He goes on to mention “We are working with a developer of the adjacent property on the purchase of two homes for Sisters and a Rectory.  Mother Clarissa of the Sisters of St. Francis was down and went through the model home similar to the one we had in mind.  She suggested converting the garage into Chapel & Sacristy.  We will have to add two rooms and a bath.  Of course, we will have to build another garage in back.  We took the ideas to the Planning Commission, unofficially.  The magnitude of the addition and conversion work on the Convent did not impress them.  They are still thinking about it.  The Rectory will be alright.”

As an alternative, he suggests the possibility of building a Convent right now.  He asks, “Could we build all three units, (the Hall, the Convent and the Rectory), submit them for bid, and ask a combination of prices?”

No records exist regarding a response from the Diocese in regards to the Convent and Rectory, but the plans for the Hall would continue and preparation for the new parish plant would begin. 

One of the first issues to be discussed was what to name the new parish.  On May 16, 1966, Fr. Colman writes to Rev. Manning stating: “In 1967, we will be saying Mass at the new location.  Also, at the present location.  The Catholic Calendar gentleman was just here requesting 1967 calendar copy and schedules.

Right now, we can designate Old Sts. Simon & Jude Church and Sts. Simon & Jude Church for differentiation.”

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