Historical Stories 1970 - Facilities Expansion, Parish Office & Utility Shed

The first expansion to occur after the arrival of Fr. Ron was the purchase of an adjacent lot to the east of the current property for the purpose of the construction of a utility building.  On January 28, 1970, the Archdiocese ledger contains an entry listing the purchase price as $2,150.00.  Expansion of the new parish facilities was still in progress as seen on the following page by a Memorandum from Auxiliary Bishop Ward on June 1, 1970.


On July 17, 1970, Fr. Ronald received the following response to his request to construct the parish office building.

Dear Fr. Colloty:

“At the meeting of His Excellency, the Archbishop, with the members of his Board of Consultors on Wednesday, July 15, approval was given to the construction of offices as the first unit of the new rectory, at an estimated cost of $45,000/$50,000”.  These should be located with an entrance onto Magnolia and at the westerly end of the school structure.  It is our understanding that Mr. Ulysses E. Bauer is the architect”.

With kindest regards, I remain,

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Reverend Monsignor John A. Rawden, Chancellor”

A follow-up letter from Monsignor Benjamin Hawkes on December 18, 1970 reconfirms the authorization to proceed with the new offices, with the following provision.  “This is to be a one-story frame and brick veneer building of 2,474 sq. ft., estimated by H. Bauer, architect, at $45,000 including air-conditioning"

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