Historical Stories 1971 - Parish Council & Vatican II

Pastor_Letter_-_Parish_CouncilThe January 1971 edition of the “Sandal Sheet,” a parish newsletter entitled “Parish Council Election Special,” published this article from the desk of the Pastor. 

The upcoming election would conclude the change from an appointed council to one elected by the parishioners.

1971 also brought with it additional changes that were the result of the decrees of Vatican II.  People began shaking hands at the Rite of Peace and for the first time laity were approved by the Archdiocese to help distribute Communion.

On February 17, 1971, the parishioners depicted below became the first elected Parish Council Members of Sts. Simon & Jude Parish as well as in the diocese.  Even though they were democratically elected, they became known as Fr. Ron’s Parish Council!

Back row standing left to right: Jack Heptig, Bob Younkin, Buster Bouveron, John Hermann, John O’Neil, Don Gibas and Fr. Ronald Collotty.

Front row seated left to right: Debbie Kelly, Debbie Lewis, Pat Mullins, Diane Suber, Jackie Judd, and Gloria Rodriguez.


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