Small Faith Groups

Small Faith Group(Formerly Word and Faith Alive)

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”  Matthew 18:20

Are you interested in a way to connect your faith with your life, or hope to grow in your understanding of scripture and our Catholic faith?

Our parish provides opportunities for adults to connect their love of God with their life in a new and deeper way, while strengthening the connection between others by participating in Small Faith Groups.  

The Small Faith Group program uses quality resources that prompt a depth in reflection and inviting participants to:

  •   *  Experience a deep and lasting relationship with Christ and others;
  •   *  Connect scripture and tradition of the Church to daily life;
  •   *  Become connected to one another;
  •   *  Make a connection between faith in Christ and the call to service, toward a more just world; and
  •   *  Become more deeply connected to our parish community.

Small Faith Groups support all stages of faith as participants experience a lifelong conversion in Christ, through guided scripture study and reflection.

Why Join a Small Faith Group?

  •   *  WHAT:  A group of 6 to 12 people reflecting on the upcoming Sunday Gospel by sharing personal insights and experiences, while taking the word of God from Sunday to everyday with supportive friends.
  •   *  WHO:  Groups come in all shapes and sizes—married couples, singles, men, women, young adults, workplace, from 18 to over 70—the list goes on. No matter where you are in life, there’s a group for you.
  •   *  WHY:  Small Faith Groups not only foster the faith of individuals, they are living cells that build up the Body of Christ by reflecting together to pray, read, and share Scripture.
  •   *  WHERE: Weekly home based Gospel and reflection groups for 8 to 10 weeks starting during Lent and before Advent.  
  •   *  WHEN:  Day of week and time can be requested when registering.  The Small Faith Groups can make a final determination during initial gatherings.

Read what others are saying about Small Faith Groups

  •   *  Thank you for gathering us!
  •   *  Bringing people together with love of God and reading scriptures.
  •   *  New friends were found by sharing life stories and a better  understanding of living God’s word.
  •   *  Thank you!  What a great group of Catholics at Barbara’s home in Huntington Landmark!  We want to continue in the Fall.  ~Mary Ann
  •   *  Our small faith group has been a wonderful experience.  It is so great to have the opportunity to share our faith, our struggles and our joys.  It really has helped us to feel more connected to the SSJ community.  ~Maryn
  •   *  We had a wonderful time meeting new folks!
  •   *  Ladies from the Monday Nite WAFA Group (since 2001) say:  fun-filled ladies that spiritually support each other!  I love my group!  Big surge of new members this year.  Started as a spinoff group “Returning Home.”  Love and hugs.

Register today to join a Small Faith Group.


Two liturgical resources are provided for use by adults, families, and small faith communities.

    • Exploring the Sunday Readings, by Alice Camille. This wonderful monthly publication offers:
      * Concise, thought-provoking commentaries that go straight to the heart of the reading
      * Practical, challenging questions for reflection and discussion
      * An action response for each week's Scripture message
      * Opening and closing prayers that set the tone for liturgy preparation
      * A Question of the Week for each Sunday to guide parishioners in "breaking open the Word"
      * Copies are available in the parish office.
    • Bringing Home the Word from Franciscan Media (formerly St. Anthony Messenger). This new monthly publication relates to the Sunday Gospel in our lives today. Each week offers:
      * “Sunday Best" relating to some aspect of our Catholic identity
      * "The Home Church" offering a faith-filled reflection and an activity for families
      * "Prayer" that can be used as a table blessing or in a small group meeting.
      * "Reflection Questions" provide thought-provoking questions that encourage discussion among adults, families and other parish groups.
      * Copies are available in the parish office or by clicking the link below.
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