Liturgical Etiquette

Let us take a critical look at the most important component of our faith: prayer.  I would like to begin by asking the parish to evaluate several aspects of our communal prayer, which we call the liturgy.  We are given the invitation through the scriptures of the first Sunday of Advent to be “vigilant at all times,” (gospel) and to “conduct ourselves to please God,” (Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians).  A very practical application of this invitation has to do with how we conduct ourselves at the liturgy. Below, I elaborate on a series of topics under the category of liturgical etiquette in order to help all of us be good stewards of our community prayer:

I pray that we can sincerely re-examine the underlying forces that draw each one of us to gather in communal prayer and, together, abide by guidelines that will help us to pray with greater integrity.