Eucharistic Ministers


    • Bring the Body and Blood of Christ to the People of God
    • Ministry affirms that we belong to a community of faith through service to the assembly
    • Ministers of Communion are volunteer parishioners at weekday and Sunday liturgies

Did you know…

    • Each weekend Mass requires between 17 and 19 Eucharistic Ministers?
    • Our five weekend Masses call for over 90 Eucharistic Ministers  - and even more are needed over the Christmas and Easter holidays?
    • SSJ currently has 220 Eucharistic Ministers who serve the community?

Eucharistic Ministers are invited into ministry through parish announcements and personal invitation.  They participate in ongoing formation and training as part of their ministry and service.

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion are those parishioners who distribute Communion (the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ) at weekday and Sunday liturgies and to those who are unable to come to Mass because of illness. Those interested in becoming a minister need to be a practicing Catholic and registered member of the parish, attend initial and periodic training sessions, be commissioned by the Pastor or Pastoral Associate for Liturgy, and have the ability to display the proper demeanor needed to offer the Eucharist with dignity and reverence.

    • Click here to download the procedure document for Extraordinary Ministers of Communion.
    • Click here for a chart of the procedure.

Liturgical Coordinators see to it that everyone and everything is in place before Mass starts.  Click here to download the procedure document for Liturgical Coordinators.


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