Prayers for the Sick of the Parish

Please remember the souls of all the faithful departed.

Please pray for the sick of Sts. Simon & Jude Church or who are relatives or friends of parishioners of Sts. Simon & Jude Church.  Keep these and all the Intentions of our parish in your prayers:

A Prayer of Blessing for the Sick

Lord, our God,
who watch over your creatures with unfailing care,
keep us in the safe embrace of your love.
Minister to those who are ill and heal their illnesses,
so that in the sure knowledge of your goodness
they will gratefully bless your holy name.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Intentions of Candle Users
Lawrence Adams
Mary Diaz Aldana
Phyllis Amati
Ed Bianco
Mary Bonano
Matthew Bonano
Jim Burk
Christine Burke
Michael Burke, Jr.
Jerri Caletti
Bryan/Lisa Chalabian
Mary Clarke
James Craig
Tim Delaney
Lydia DeVito
Tina Farrow
Josie Ferraris
Elaine Frengel
Shirley Gomea
Jesse Gomez
Deidard Groger
Cameron Guymon

Leann Harrison
Janet Hermer
Charles Hitt
Mary Jagiello
Danny Jaramillo
Rich Jubak
Brendan Kleiboer
Ilona M. Kuzlik
Sue La Gro
John Lapinski
Virginia Lawai
Jim Lynn
Mike Macy
Don Marcy
Jo McIntyre
Violet Medeiros
Ethan Mixer
Wolfgang Moeller
Laurie Mola
Deborah Morus
Bill Mullee
Nolan Family
Teresa Nguyen

Joe and Sharon Olmos
Gino Peschiera
Carol Polo
Zachary Quick
Dr. C.K. Rao
Carrie Reyes
Jeanne Richards
David Rojas
Mary and Javier Ruiz (and family)
Ellen Russell
David Saldana
Cliff Sharp
Donna M Sheppard
Gary Sherwood
Chad Sonday
Janet and William Stephenson
Sherry and Samantha Stephenson
Margaret Tagler
Jerry Thomas
Shirley Torline
Mary Watkins