Baptism for Infants and Children - Age: Birth to 6 Years



Baptism is a sacrament in which a person is united to Jesus Christ so as to partake in his Resurrected Life. Through baptism, a person is also united to the Body of Christ, that is the Church. It is for these reasons that baptism is also called a sacrament of initiation as it initiates a life forever marked by God’s grace and initiates the baptized into the community of believers.

For infants or children six years and younger, Baptism is chosen for them by their parents or guardians. Later, these children make that choice their own in the sacrament of Confirmation. Since what is begun in Baptism and affirmed in Confirmation is a whole life, not a solitary act, there are special people that parents also choose to walk with their children as models and examples of the Catholic Faith, who are called “godparents.”

The decision to have one’s child baptized is an important one, because it starts something that is not finished on earth, but has as its only end Heaven. As a parent, you are invited to prayerfully consider what it is that you are asking for in having your child baptized.

For more information or to have your child baptized at Sts. Simon & Jude Parish, we welcome you to contact the parish office at (714) 962-3333 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Photography by Cathy LaFever