Isaiah House of the Orange County Catholic Worker

The mission of the Orange County Catholic Worker Isaiah House is to:

BE a community of God by living/working with the poor

    • Isaiah House Catholic Worker is the largest homeless shelter in Orange County, now serving homeless women
    • Countless volunteers come from all walks of life in Orange County to create this community of God

SHARE dignity through home-cooked meals, friendship and the offering of shelter and other basic services

    • Approximately 3,500 hot meals are served each week
    • Used clothing, showers and emergency assistance is available to those in need

ENCOUNTER God through prayer, liturgy, service and contemplation

    • The backyard and living room are used by many groups as meeting places for support and a source of inspiration in living out the Gospel

RESIST the dominant culture of violence and addiction through adherence to Christ’s example of non-violence, service and serenity

EMBRACE the Gospel values of simple living and trust in God’s providence

(714) 558-7478

General Information:

  • To volunteer or provide other support, contact the individual listed above.
  • Visit the website for more information,