Discernment Ministry

Discernment CandleLearning to listen to the Holy Spirit within through learning a process of discernment in the Franciscan tradition.

Discernment is a regular discipline of listening to the still, small voice of God beneath the rush of the whirlwind of life; a prayerful practice of reading the subtle signs sent to us by God so that we can know God‛s will and fulfill our calling and mission.

Discernment is not only to help us make those huge decisions at critical points in our lives (should I take this job? whom should I marry?), but a lifelong commitment to partner with God and pay close attention to what the Spirit is saying as you journey through life. Discernment is about listening and responding to that place within us where our deepest desires align with God‛s desires; aligning our deepest desires with God‛s desires helps us to become aware of His will for us.

Discernment is based on the premise that God is always speaking to us, always guiding us in our daily lives--at different times and in many ways--often not in complete sentences but through dreams and visions, prophets and messengers, scripture and tradition, experience and reason, nature and events.

Discernment Roundtables
The flagship of this ministry is a regularly held series of roundtables that introduce SSJ parishioners to the concept of discernment and how to experience discernment in their everyday lives. The roundtable series occur over the course of five weeks, one evening per week. Participants learn a process of decision making asking that allows God, your faith, and Franciscan spirituality to play an integral part.

    • Roundtable 1 - God
      Explore the definition of discernment and how it applies to my life based on my understanding and relationship with God.
    • Roundtable 2 – Tradition
      Connect your personal discernment with the experience of our great ancestors in faith, including St. Francis.
    • Roundtable 3 – Self
      Learn a way of telling our life story and sharing our gifts with an awareness of God’s role in it.
    • Roundtable 4 - Culture
      Recognize culture as an important doorway into self-understanding and behavior.
    • Roundtable 5 – Connecting the Dots
      Begin to bring together the tools of self-understanding and discernment and reflect on an initial direction and call.