The Ministry for the Divorced & Separated

The parish is part of a Deanery group offering a 13-week program to support our brothers and sisters through the emotional pain of divorce and separation. Key challenges and unique family dynamics as a result of this unexpected journey will be addressed as well as a safe environment to share concerns and reconnect with understanding and a new hope. Open yourself up to experience healing and allow Jesus to restore your faith and renew your path.

Registration is required and includes book, journal, daily devotional and drop-in format for all groups throughout the diocese.  Donation is $35.00 to register. Registration will also be open on the first night.

The 13-week program consists of the following topics:

  *  Why Did God Allow This To Happen?
  * Anger with Our Spouses, Ourselves, and God
  * Praying in Times of Distress
  * What Does the Church Really Teach about Divorce?
  * What is an Annulment?
  * Dealing with the Ex-Spouse
  * Helping Children Cope
  * The Healing Begins
  * Our Own Self-Worth
  * The Value of Suffering
  * Letting Go / Working on Forgiveness
  * Dating and Intimacy as a Divorced Catholic
  * Gratitude and Hope for the Future