Church Emergency Exit Map & Practices

Emergency Exit MapBelow are basic instructions on safety and security practices.  To the right is a church map of the exists to be used in the event of an emergency (click the map to view a larger version).  These instructions were compiled from materials provided by the Huntington Beach Fire and Police departments.

Role of Ushers

  *  Ushers are identified by their lapel badges.
  *  In the event of a health emergency, please seek out a parish usher.  Most ushers have CPR training     (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and AED training (Automated External Defibrillator).  The AED device in     the church is located outside of the priest sacristy.
  *  In the event of an emergency, to exit of the church, please follow the direction of the ushers.  They are     trained     to assess the safety of the church’s public exits and will safely guide parishioners out of the church.

    Types that warrant the need for emergency evacuation of the church:
        *  Fire
        *  Earthquake
        *  Active Shooter

       *  Evacuate the church quickly, but in a safe manner.  Do not panic or push.
       *  Use the exits closest to your seat—the church diagram indicates these exits.
       *  Follow the direction of the ushers assigned to your exit.  They will have checked the area and assessed for safe exit.
       *  If smoke is present, stay low to the ground as you exit.


*  At first sign of shaking, everyone should seek cover either in a doorway, or under a pew.  
*  Clasp a hand firmly behind head, covering neck
*  Bury your face in your arms, protecting your head
* Close your eyes to protect from dust/debris
*  If you are immobile, for example you are confined to a wheelchair, protect your head/neck as best you can using your hands and arms.
*  Move away from windows.
*  Do not exit the building until the shaking has stopped.  Ushers will assess each exit to make certain that it is safe to leave the building through that area.
*  In the event that there are downed power lines surrounding the property, it will not be immediately safe to drive home.  People confined to the parish property will be guided to a safe area.  There are emergency supplies on site.
*  Anticipate that there will be aftershocks, and follow the same procedures.

  • Shooting

*  Drop to the ground immediately, stay as flat as possible.  If you are within 10 to 15 feet of a safe
    position, duck low to the ground and run for it.
*  Move or crawl away from gunfire, trying to create obstruction between you and the gunfire. MANY OBSTRUCTIONS MAY VISUALLY CONCEAL YOU FROM GUNFIRE, BUT MAY NOT BE BULLET PROOF AND WILL NOT PROTECT FROM GUNFIRE.
*  When you reach a relatively safe area, stay down and do not move.  Do not peek or raise your head.
*  Listen for direction from Police.