Finance Council


The Finance Council of Sts. Simon & Jude Church was established by the authority granted under the Bishop of Orange and canon law. Members of the finance council understand their responsibility and accountability to provide for the material and financial needs of the parish and all groups therein. The finance council constitution was adopted in order to define the council’s organization and its responsibilities in matters affecting the financial needs of Sts. Simon & Jude Church, and to govern the resolution of issues and conduct of functions supporting these purposes.

Purpose of Finance Council:

The purpose of the finance council is to assist and advise the pastor in matters relating to the evaluation of the material and financial needs of the diocese and all groups therein; provide a means whereby issues concerning the finance council may be discussed with the pastor; submit proposals to the pastor for consideration, whether for the church as a whole, or for any group therein; at all times follow and abide by the values and clinical principles of the Roman Catholic Church; provide a mechanism for organization, coordination and self-government in harmony with the pastor and his advisory council; and discharge the responsibilities and prerogatives entrusted by canon law, the Bishop of Orange and the pastor to the finance council.