Providing A Safe Parish Campus

The Diocese of Orange has established a written code of conduct for employees and volunteers who work with children and youth.  The parish requires all employees and volunteers are fingerprinted and receive safe environment training.  The parish has also posted materials relating to safe environment on the parish website at under Parish Information/Protecting Children.  The information on the parish website includes safe environment materials provided by the Diocese of Orange ( and the Province of Saint Barbara (  Brochures can be found in the church gathering space, parish office, Faith Formation Office and school.

The parish has taken measures to keep our children safe and also taken steps to make sure the entire campus is safe for all who come to partake of liturgy and parish programs. All parish employees and volunteers in the parish and schools, age 18 and above, working in any capacity with minors (children under the age of 18) or dependent adults must obtain criminal background screening and receive clearance. Additionally, they must complete safe environment training and sign the diocesan Policy Against Sexual Misconduct Code of Conduct before the start of employment or volunteer work. Adults who volunteer for Children & Youth Faith Formation programs minister in pairs.  
In addition, our children and youth in faith formation (Pre-School, Elementary, Jr. High and High School) receive once a year in a safe environment lesson that is age appropriate by grade. Pre-school, Elementary and Jr High children participate in a program called Circle of Grace. High School teens participate in safe environment lessons on healthy relationships and boundaries, “For What it’s Worth” and “Healthy, Happy and Holy.” The purpose of each curriculum is to teach children and young people to understand their own sacredness, how to build healthy friendships and relationships with trusted adults.