Providing A Safe School Campus

For the past two years, chief among our long-range goals has been the issue of school safety.  Given the recent tragic events that have taken place across the country, the faculty and staff of Sts. Simon & Jude School have worked earnestly to build and strengthen our partnership with the Huntington Beach Police Department.  The HBPD shared a wealth of information and suggestions with us as we worked to enhance the safety of our students and the security of our facilities. Some of the recommended actions that we have taken include:

    • fully locked campus during school hours
    • replacement of locks that we presently have on all of our classroom, library and technology lab doors
    • replacement of the gates surrounding our campus
    • the purchase of Motorola 2-way radios so that each teacher and office staff member will have one in his/her classroom at all times in the event of a lockdown or school emergency, enabling a much quicker and more efficient communication system than personal cell phones
    • the consistent practice of fire, earthquake and lockdown drills with expert input from law enforcement
    • the creation of an approved evacuation plan that will include a designated OEAA (off-site emergency assembly area), command post, first aid station and a parent response station for picking up students
    • the maintenance of viable emergency kits in a campus storage container and in every classroom
    • the heightened vigilance of all faculty and staff members regarding parents, visitors and strangers on campus

Although no plan or person can ever guarantee a completely secure environment, we are extremely satisfied with the progress we have made.